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Nov 24, 2009 9:00pm EST
singh and mrs. obama. have a happy thanksgiving and rush over and pick me up a doggy bag from this thing, i would appreciate it. >> they'll have plenty of leftovers, it looks like. >> that's "countdown." i'm keith olbermann, good night and good luck. to discuss the battle, ladies and gentlemen, sitting in for rachel maddow, governor dooen. good evening. >> thanks keith and thank you for staying with us. rachel is continuing her well-deserved vacation time. we are continuing with health care reform, now on life support. a small group of senators are killing the senate health care reform bill, if it includes a public option. the most vocal is senator joe lieberman, of connecticut. he's going to block a bill that includes any version of a public option. with the senate less than a week away from debating health care reform, democratic majority leader, harry reid has a choice, stand firm on the public option or compromise it to get something passed. those on the compromise side argue that we should let the bill pass without a public option to get all the good insurance reform in t
Nov 20, 2009 9:00pm EST
the other way as well i think. >> governor spitzer, on this issue of fiscal conservatism, president obama tried early on to define health reform as the fiscally responsible necessary thing to do. and, in fact, this is the biggest effort at health care cost control ever. you see that reflected in the effect it's supposed to have on the deficits. is part of the reason this has been so hard politically, because that fiscal responsibility message got dropped? >> i don't think they've dropped it intentionally. i don't think anybody believes it. everybody sees the $900 billion, $1 trillion tag over ten years and says it won't increase the deficit. i don't think people believe that because every time in the past there's been an effort to control the growth of health care spending it's failed. i think most of the controls here kick in five, six years down the road. people don't really believe that element of the bill will play out as they're saying. having said that, i think there's enormous public support for health care reform. i doesn't think any democrat and i think each of these two senators
Nov 19, 2009 9:00pm EST
football abnalogy with mccain ad obama on halloween. we're at the 40 yard line, close to the goal line, right? a field goal isn't good enough. we need real xrooe hensive health care. and that's why we are starting the game now. i believe once we get to allow that debate to start, which is saturday night at 8:00 p.m., the vote is forecast, i see no reason why someone is suddenly going to decide not to at least allow the debate to continue on saturday night. then we start moving down the field to that goal line. and in the end, rachel, if a player gets injured on the field, they will have health care. so i am very positive about moving forward. i think everyone in the senate is going to want to see some changes to the bill. i don't think that should surprise you. we represent different states. i for one am happy that there has been significant cost reform in this bill, working toward making health care more affordable for the people of this country. it offers stability, despite some of the things you were saying at the beginning. think about this. finally people in america, if your kid g
Nov 23, 2009 9:00pm EST
in the senate bill that no one campaigned for. never mentioned in barack obama's political campaign, not mentioned in yours. how do the democrats defend in 2010 having voted for these, assuming you get to vote for these on the senate floor and pass them all? you will have passed a package of taxation to pay for this bill that no one campaigned for but you're going to have to defend in the campaign in 2010. how will you could that? >> this bill, unlike the bush tax cuts, unlike the iraq war, unlike the medicare privatization in fact pays for itself, will actually pay down the deficit several hundred million dollars over the next ten years. that's number one. number two, it's a mix of taxes that are generally pretty fair. i don't agree entirely with the way it is done. i would like a is your tax on people making over $250,000 or $500,000 a year. i think that would be the best way to do this. the medicare tax is only for people upper income. the tax on employers, the excise tax on benefits i don't agree with, but i think this package overall takes us in the right direction, so i think
Nov 25, 2009 2:00am EST
purpose of it. >> as the president and prime minister enter, followed by mrs. singh and mrs. obama. have a happy thanksgiving and rush over and pick me up a doggy bag from this thing, i would appreciate it. >> sure. they'll have plenty of leftovers from thanksgiving, it looks like. >> that's "countdown." i'm keith olbermann, good night and good luck. what causes a bone to break? you'd think it would be something out of your control. not necessarily. after menopause, when a woman has a fracture, the underlying cause could be osteoporosis. that's a fracture that might have been prevented. if you have post menopausal osteoporosis you could be at high risk for fracture which is why i hope you'll call now. 1-800-568-9788 for this free information kit. in it you'll see the difference between the inside of a strong bone and the inside of an osteoporotic bone... weakened, prone to fracture. you'll find ways to help reverse bone loss and to help prevent fractures. learn how to help maintain strong bones and read about an effective treatment option. there's even a guide to use when you talk to you
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)